Who is Van Jones ex wife?

Mattai Jones

Jana Carter

Furthermore, who’s Van Jones’s sister? Angela Jones

Furthermore, does Van Jones have children?

Mattai Jones Son Cabral Jones Son

Who are Van Jones parents?

Willie Anthony Jones Loretta Jean Jones

Is Van Jones married to?

Jana Carter

Is Jana Carter associated to Jimmy Carter?

They have been the oldsters of six children: Kim, Jana, William “Buddy” Carter IV, Marle, Mandy, and Earl, who turned into 12 years historical while his father died. His siblings have been Jimmy Carter, Gloria Carter-Spann and Ruth Carter.

Where did Van Jones pass to college?

Yale Legislation School 1993 College of Tennessee Martin Yale University

Where is Van Jones from?

Jackson, Tennessee, United States

How old is Jana Carter Jones?

About 46 years (1974)

How historical is van from TMZ?

39 years (April 16, 1980)

How tall is Don Lemon CNN?

1.83 m

What political social gathering is Van Jones?

Democratic Party

What regulation college did Van Jones attend?

Yale Law College 1993 Jackson Central-Merry Early College High 1986 School of Tennessee Martin Yale University